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VERVersion (MS-DOS command)
VERVeracruz, Veracruz, Mexico - Las Bajadas / General Heriberto Jara (Airport Code)
VERVertical Ejector Rack
VERVertical Ejection Rack
VERVolume Expansion Ratio
VERVoluntary Export Restraint
VERVoluntary Early Retirement (Australia)
VERVoluntary Emissions Reduction
VERVoluntary Export Restriction
VERVisual Evoked Response
VERVerified Emissions Reductions
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When the outbreak verification team receives an unconfirmed outbreak report, the relevance to international public health is assessed, and, if appropriate, further information is sought.
Peter Feist, OneSpin's president and chief executive officer, said, "OneSpin is extremely proud to receive the DesignVision Award for best design verification tool in the industry.
Originally founded as @HDL in 1999, AXIOM has been a pioneer in developing functional verification products.
The AMBA AHB SystemVerilog verification component is suitable for verification of AMBA AHB master and slave DUT.
Warren Savage, IPextreme CEO, added, "We are pleased to be able to raise the value to customers of our FlexRay offering with this excellent and highly synergetic verification solution from NXP.
The SATA-Xactor for Serial ATA Verification Solution is a complete verification solution consisting of Bus Function Model (BFM), trackers for transaction, link and PHY, specification protocol assertion checking, and compliance test suites and verification frameworks for functional verification of Serial ATA components.
Manuel d'Abreu, AMD Fellow, "Carter and Hemmady's new book is the first to introduce a systematic methodology for effectively executing and managing verification projects.
2 includes a new feature called "Formal Predictor," which analyzes a design prior to verification and provides a detailed report on the design's complexity.
I'm very excited about stepping into this new role and driving Jasper's technology vision as I want to empower design and verification teams with new ways to achieve fast, complete verification with push-button simplicity.
By combining our CHIPit high-speed prototyping systems with an SCE-MI interface, ProDesign offers a solution on the transaction-based level which increases verification performance up to in-circuit speed (10 to 150 MHz) and reduces the time-to-market dramatically," said Gunnar Scholl, Director Marketing and Business Development at ProDesign.
Designed from the ground-up to take advantage of the new verification capabilities in SystemVerilog and SystemC, the AVM features an object-oriented coding style to reduce the amount of testbench code and a modular architecture to enable reuse.
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