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VERSVerband Ehemaliger Rostocker Studenten (German: Association of Former Rostock Students; University of Rostock; Rostock, Germany)
VERSVikramshila Education Resource Society (est. 1989; India)
VERSVoluntary Early Retirement Scheme (Australia and UK)
VersVersine (trigonometric function)
VERSVictorian Electronic Records Strategy (Public Record Office Victoria; Australia)
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Based on this length and dimensions for the rules found earlier in this text, an alidade and versine rules of 1 fg x 1 fg x 3 cb is about 14 kg each; the sine rule, with estimated 1.
Given the sliding sine rule and the purpose of the catgut to prevent the sine rule from falling off the versine rule, the only fixed point can be the end of the versine rule where also the alidade is attached.
The versine rule, an extremely round copper rule of 2.