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VETVocational Education and Training
VETVietnam Economic Times (business magazine)
VETVeterans Employment and Training
VETViewpoint Experience Technology
VETVisual Edge Technology (Ohio)
VETVenezuela Time
VETVerbal Test
VETVirtual Environment for Training
VETVehicle Emissions Test
VETVibration Energy Transfer
VETVisual Editing Terminal
VETVirtual Entity Table
VETVapor Equilibrium Technique
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Dietary habits are a common one, for example, though in this study the Air Force authors took such matters as the amount of fruits, vegetables, and fats in the vets' diets into account.
But vets can now lengthen animals' lives with drugs and surgery.
Kirsha was rushed to White Cross Vets, in Penn Road, Wolverhampton, by a cat sanctuary when she was only eight weeks old as she had breathing difficulties due to a lump in her throat and a collapsing lung.
Kristine Torres of Vets in Practice Royal Canin unveiled the Bring My Dog to the Vet platform found within the company's official website, which allows owners to register their dogs in the system and enable them to seamlessly schedule their visits to over 100 participating vet clinics nationwide.
At Donaldson's Vets we welcome a large number of Vet students and aspiring Vet students into our daily working environment.
The first thing you need to do is visit your vet. While it is true that ear mites can cause such symptoms, there are other conditions which will cause him to scratch and shake his head other than ear mites.
Teesside vet surgery White Cross Vets confirmed it usually sees several canines suffering with the illness at this time of year.
Grandfathering arrangements under the VET FEE-HELP scheme were initially introduced following the commencement of VET Student Loans on 1 January 2017.
Tech announced its desire to build a vet school in 2015, expecting to open in 2019, but the idea of a Tech vet school goes back to the 1970s.
Recent research shows that nearly half (44%) of EU vets working in the UK are "fearful" for their future, and one in five is looking for work in other countries.
Is it OK to let it heal naturally or should I take her to the vet?
Mounting behaviour may be intensified by sex hormones, so I would recommend you take Bertie to your vet to discuss neutering.