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VVVice Versa
VVVillage Vanguard (jazz club: in Greenwich Village, New York, NY)
VVVibo Valentia (postcode, Italy)
VVValó Világ (Hungarian TV show)
VVVillage Voice (newspaper)
VVVägverket (Swedish National Road Administration)
VVVittorio Veneto (Italian city)
VVVenae (Veins)
VVVince Vaughn (actor)
VVVerification & Validation
VVVisual Verification
VVVaricose Veins
VVVivenda (Portuguese: house; postal usage)
VVVertical Velocity (amusement park ride)
VVVacuum Volume
VVVelocity Vector
VVVino Vitae (St Louis, MO wine retailer)
VVVibovalentia (Italy)
VVValue Village (Seattle, WA)
VVVertical Visibility
VVVineyard Vines (Stamford, CT clothing retailer)
VVVile Village (Lemony Snicket)
VVVictoria Vesna (media artist)
VVVenture Voice
VVVoice Verify
VVVirtual Vault (computer security)
VVVery Virulent (disease)
VVVal Venis (WWE wrestler)
VVVenous Volume
VVVíctor Valdés (Spanish soccer player)
VVVision Vancouver
VVVertical Transmit, Vertical Receive (antenna polarization)
VVVoetbalverenging (Dutch: Football Club)
VVVapor Volume
VVViernes Verde (Guatemala rock band)
VVVirgo Vestalis (Latin: Vergin Vestal, epigraphy)
VVVerbesserungs-Vorschlag (German: Suggestion for Improvement)
VVVai e Volta (Portugese)
VVVisiting Vehicle
VVVideo Victory
VVViolence and Vengeance (gaming)
VVVelogenic Viscerotropic (strain of Newcastle Disease virus)
VVVeronaville (Neighborhood in the Sims 2 computer game)
VVVines Vikings (Texas high school)
VVVocoded Voice (type of Frequency Shift Keying)
VVViewPort Vivarium (Edstrom Industries animal research software product)
VVNavy Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1950s)
VVVenus Vitrix (Latin: Venus the Winner, epigraphy)
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The diversion route is via Auchengreoch Road, Auchenlodment Road, Rannoch Road, Beith Road or vice versa.
From the fact that the seasons of our lives alternate from good to bad ones, and vice versa, according to a certain pattern, derives, of course, that we can foresee how our own good and bad seasons will alternate in the future.
* Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice versa.
BEIRUT: Caretaker Foreign Minister Ali Shami said Tuesday Lebanese-Syrian ties were governed by the 1989 Taif Accord, which stipulates that Lebanon's security is dependent on that of Syria and vice versa.
Ray Robinson, entertainment manager of Vice Versa, said the measures had already proved a hit.
Following the launch of the Vice Versa franchise concept in May, the company has now teamed up with World Franchise Associates and Capital Street Partner to assist them in identifying potential partners for establishing themselves in multiple cities, taking their cardholders worldwide.
This self-giving is until death because it is only by his dying that she no longer has possession of his body, and vice versa. That is why vows that conclude "for as long as we both shall love," are not marriage vows at all.
Some parts were molded with ultrasonics but no tie layer, and vice versa.
The silanization reaction can be accomplished at a low temperature in combination with long mixing times and vice versa.
But once perfected it does appear if the lecture is rated high by NSE it will also be rated high by EFL students and vice versa. Possibly, good teaching as well as mediocre teaching transcends cultures and languages.
Above and beyond the targeted marketing potential using the Vice Versa application and the ability to drive viewers to specific programs, 121 offers an overall personalized experience whereby viewers will get dedicated video sequences with their remote controls.
There are many examples of companies playing the SG & A "shell game" by moving expenses and resources to COGS from SG & A and vice versa. Redundant roles and responsibilities also may exist between "shadow" and conventional SG & A organizations.