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VDTVino da Tavola (Italian: Table Wine)
VDTVisual Display Terminal
VDTVideo Display Terminal
VDTVin de Table (French: Table Wine; wine standard)
VDTVirtual Data Toolkit
VDTValdosta Daily Times
VDTVariable Delay Timing
VDTVirtual Desktop Toolbox
VDTVolume Definition Table
VDTVirtual Design Team
VDTVorsprung Durch Technik (German: Advantage through Technology; Audi)
VDTVerband Deutscher Tonmeister (German: Association of German Sound Engineers; audio industry group)
VDTVideo Dial Tone
VDTView, Download and Transmit (electronic health records)
VDTVideo Display Tube
VDTVehicle Damage Tracking
VDTVillage Development Trust (Papua New Guinea)
VDTValuable Drinking Time
VDTVirginia Department of Taxation
VDTVariable Dwell Time
VDTVehicle Dynamics Technology (Bitgear)
VDTVehicle Data Table (software)
VDTVital Data Technology (California)
VDTVolume Doubling Time (oncology)
VDTVisual Disk Test (open source software)
VDTVegetation Direct Transfer
VDTVariable Density Tunnel
VDTVideo Data Terminal
VDTVariable Discharge Turbine
VDTVertical Deceleration Tower
VDTValue Driver Tree (SAP)
VDTVehicle Data Terminal (mobile)
VDTVariable Depth Transducer
VDTVan der Merwe du Toit (South African legal firm)
VDTVoluntary Down Time
VDTVascular Dilatation and Tortuosity
VDTVariable Data Table
VDTVenezuelan Death Touch (gaming)
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with ocular strain and 6/6, N6 vision, needs to be worked up thoroughly regarding his/her binocular visual functions, Video Display Terminal use and tests for convergence, apart from routine slit lamp and fundus examination, rather than dispensing the patient as normal, malingerer or referring to other disciplines of medicine.
Video display terminals are typically kept farther away and higher than the usual reading distance.
2005, 'Ocular problems associated with computer use: The ever-increasing hours spent in front of video display terminals have led to a corresponding increase in visuals and physical ills', Review of Ophthalmology E-Newsletter, 22(12), 3-4.
Work with video display terminals and the risk of reduced birthweight and preterm birth.
Based on the report, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry plans to draw up new guidelines on video display terminals for the first time since the current guidelines were devised in 1985.
The reasons for eyestrain among computer users include primary and secondary glare, excessive lighting, improper ergonomics, poor-quality or inappropriately adjusted video display terminals (VDTs), uncorrected or improperly corrected vision, and insufficient or non-existent eye care.
Use of computers and video display terminals (VDTs) in workplaces has increased dramatically during the last two decades.
Nearly half of all FMs who responded to the survey said in the past six months, they had heard health-related complaints allegedly caused by video display terminals.
The "Physical Occupational Environment" (Part III) addresses such topics as ergonomics, video display terminals, radiation, heat and cold, vibration, and hearing loss.
A long-standing source of concern is the long-term exposure of workers in close proximity to weak field sources, principally operators of video display terminals.
In contrast, he-says, human thought is embedded in a complex gestalt of experience which cannot be duplicated on video display terminals.
The idea is to keep users of video display terminals at least a yard away from the sides and backs of terminals other than the ones on which they work.