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VIPERVideo and Image Processing Laboratory
VIPERVirus Particle Explorer
VIPERVerifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability
VIPERVanderbilt Image Processing Enterprise Resource (computing)
VIPERVehicle Integrated Primary Electrical Resource
VIPERVehicle Inertial Properties Evaluation Rig
VIPERVisible Intermodal Protection and Response Team (US Transportation Security Administration air marshal team)
VIPERVanguard Index Participation Equity Receipt
VIPERVisually Integrated Personal Electronic Resource (Georgia Civil Air Patrol)
VIPERVertical Takeoff and Landing Integrated Platform for Extended Range Reconnaissance (UAV)
VIPERVirtual Internet Provider
VIPERValue Added Internet Protocol Edge Router
VIPERVisually Integrated Planning Employment Resource
VIPERVisual Inspection Planning With Error Reduction
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Pott, moved by this sarcasm, 'I consider you a viper.
When a man with the feelings of a gentleman finds himself engaged to a young lady, and it comes (even on the part of a member of the family) to vipers, you know
Exploring the big idea behind the initiative, VIPER Technology Pvt.
If there is one vehicle that combines all the SRT product development traits and pushes them to the extreme, it's the 2006 Viper SRT10 Coupe.
After the report, the Game and Fish officer joined the Viper Team as an undercover agent - taking an oath, required of all members, to kill infiltrators or informants.
Chrysler produces about 15 Viper models daily at its New Mack facility in Detroit.
s Viper sports car teaches important lessons to North American industry at large.