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However, of the patients who developed virologic failure or rebound (n=10), 90% demonstrated diminished susceptibility to ibalizumab, which may limit its use in future.
Protease inhibitor resistance in South African children with virologic failure. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2009; 28(12):1125-1127.
As the just-discussed Swiss HIV Cohort Study found,18 missing even one or two doses of a once-daily antiretroviral medley can boost chances of virologic failure. And failure poses a risk of emergent resistance and narrowed antiretroviral options.
Virologic failure was defined as a plasma HIV RNA level >400 copies/[micro]l at the last viral load determination.
"This virologic failure rate highlights the importance of the challenge of adherence in this population,"
Indeed, a higher incidence of virologic failure was found in our cohort of patients compared with the only available study to date which has formally investigated ABC/lamivudine/NVP as a simplification strategy for HIV patients with undetectable viral load.
Virologic failure endpoint definition in clinical trials: Is using HIV-1 RNA threshold < 200 copies/mL better than < 50 copies/mL?
The researchers defined virologic failure in two ways:
Fortyone of the 53 patients were on a INSTI with virologic failure at time of the Phenosense testing.
Editor's Note: In a separate analysis of virologic failure, defined as two successive plasma HIV-1 RNA measurements higher than 1,000 copies per mL at or after the study's 16 week visit, those with low vitamin D levels had twice the risk compared to those with sufficient levels.
There was only one virologic failure in the study, and two patients who did not achieve SVR4 were lost to follow-up at week 12, noted Dr.
(7,8,9) In the study which lead to approval of lopinavir/ritonavir for children, 21% of the population had already experienced virologic failure by 48 weeks of therapy.