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VLMVlaamse Landmaatschappij (Belgium)
VLMVirgin London Marathon (UK; sponsored charity fundraising marathon)
VLMVivid Light Magenta (printer ink color)
VLMVertical Lift Module (storage system)
VLMVideo Live Mail
VLMVirtual Loadable Module
VLMView Load Module
VLMVirtual Library Manager
VLMVirtual Link Management
VLMViva la Mañana (Guatemalan TV show)
VLMVilleneuve-lès-Maguelone (French commune)
VLMVery Large Memory
VLMVillieu-Loyes-Mollon (French commune)
VLMVirtual Loadable Module (Novell)
VLMVisceral Larva Migrans
VLMVery Low Maintenance
VLMVlaamse Luchttransportmaatschappij (Flemish Airlines)
VLMVolume Logical Module
VLMVirtual Loup de Mer (online sailing simulation)
VLMVolume License Media (Microsoft)
VLMVaporizing Liquid Micro-Thruster
VLMVolume License and Maintenance
VLMVery Large Monitor
VLMVariable-Length Message
VLMVolunteer Lake Monitor
VLMValue Lifecycle Model (Value Chain Group)
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Toxocariasis of the liver: visceral larva migrans. Abdom Imaging 2008; 33: 151-6.
The organs usually involved in visceral larva migrans are the liver and lung.
Visceral larva migrans associated with earthworm ingestion: clinical evolution in an adolescent patient.
Fatal eosinophilic meningoencephalitis and visceral larva migrans caused by the raccoon ascarid Baylisascarisprocyonis.
The most common nematodes to consider include Strongyloides stercoralis as part of a hyperinfection syndrome, Toxocara species or less commonly Baylisascaris species as agents of visceral larva migrans, or other nematode worms that may involve the CNS such as Angiostrongylus and Gnathostoma species.
Migration of the larval forms of some helminths may cause cutaneous larva migrans or systemic features, usually including pulmonary involvement, with eosinophilia (known as visceral larva migrans).
Visceral larva migrans (VLM), also known as larva migrans visceralis, is a syndrome caused by invasion of internal organs of the paratenic host (transport host where larvae do not undergo any development) by second-stage nematode larvae.
caninum larvae may penetrate into deeper tissues, however, and induce symptoms of visceral larva migrans or migrate to and partially mature in the intestine, inducing eosinophilic enteritis.[7,8]