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VISIONVital Information System to Improve Outcomes in Nephrology (Center for Medicare and Medicade Services)
VISIONVirtual Internet School in Oklahoma Network (Durant Independent School District; Durant, OK)
VISIONVersatile Information Systems Integrated On-Line Nationwide (US DoD)
VISIONVideo Imagery Support Intelligence Operations Network
VISIONValue Added Information Service Interactive On-Line Network
VISIONVermont Integrated Solution for Information and Organizational Needs (State of Vermont budgeting and accounting system)
VISIONVolunteers, Involved, Serving, Identifying, and Organizing Needs
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The first part is The Vision of Piers the Ploughman, the second is The Vision Concerning Do Well, Do Bet, Do Best.
Now I turned in my vision, and looked at that bank of the river on which I stood.
He continued to stare at the vision of what had happened in the long ago.
At last, to complete a series of minor indiscretions, at a meeting of our Local Speculative Society held at the palace of the Prefect himself, -- some extremely silly person having read an elaborate paper exhibiting the precise reasons why Providence has limited the number of Dimensions to Two, and why the attribute of omnividence is assigned to the Supreme alone -- I so far forgot myself as to give an exact account of the whole of my voyage with the Sphere into Space, and to the Assembly Hall in our Metropolis, and then to Space again, and of my return home, and of everything that I had seen and heard in fact or vision.
The vision had begun when my father was speaking of our going to Prague.
through the savage gloom there came to him a stately maiden, and took him by the hand and led him on through devious paths, unknown to any man, until upon the darkness of the wood there dawned a light such as the light of day was unto but as a little lamp unto the sun; and, in that wondrous light, our way-worn knight saw as in a dream a vision, and so glorious, so fair the vision seemed, that of his bleeding wounds he thought no more, but stood as one entranced, whose joy is deep as is the sea, whereof no man can tell the depth.
It was a crushing memory, an exhausting vision of countless breakfast trays carried up and down innumerable stairs, of endless haggling over pence, of the endless drudgery of sweeping, dusting, cleaning, from basement to attics; while the impotent mother, staggering on swollen legs, cooked in a grimy kitchen, and poor Stevie, the unconscious presiding genius of all their toil, blacked the gentlemen's boots in the scullery.
I don't care which of their visions comes true," Archer mused, "as long as the tunnel isn't built yet.
Dorothea had less of outward vision than usual this morning, being filled with images of things as they had been and were going to be.
What really decided me to go to sea was that I had caught my first vision of the death-road which John Barleycorn maintains for his devotees.
She remembered them by the hurt of her breasts and the prod of her instinct; also she remembered them by vision, so that, by the subtle chemistry of her brain, she could see them, by way of the broken screen across the ventilator hole, down into the cellar in the dark rubbish-corner under the stairway, where she had stolen her lair and birthed her litter.
He curved his bushy tail around to cover them, and at the same time he saw a vision.