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VIDVide (Latin: See)
VIDVendor Id (USB PnP ID)
VIDValues in Design (various locations)
VIDVLAN Identifier (IEEE 802.1q)
VIDVery Important Day
VIDVehicle Identification Number
VIDVirtualization Infrastructure Driver
VIDVideo Module
VIDVlan Identifier
VIDVendor Id
VIDVirtual Id
VIDVisual Interdev
VIDVisual Image Directory
VIDVoltage Id
VIDVolume Identifier
VIDVienna Institute of Demography
VIDVisual InterDev (Microsoft development environment)
VIDVienna Institute for Development (Vienna, Austria)
VIDVisual Identification
VIDVisual Identification Information Display (US DoD)
VIDVerkeers Informatie Dienst (Netherlands)
VIDVirtual Image Display
VIDVoltage Identifier (computing)
VIDVendor Item Drawing
VIDValsts Ienemumu Dienests (Latvian: State Income Service)
VIDVariable Identifier
VIDVoltage Identification Digital
VIDVMF Integrated Database
VIDVertical Indication Display
VIDVirtual Interface Design
VIDVertical Impact Device
VIDVisual and Instructional Design (Medical College of Georgia)
VIDVisual Impact Damage
VIDVehicle Improvement and Development
VIDVaginal Insertion Device
VIDVehicle Inspection Data (various states)
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And our previous improvement embedded window function into Enkhbold method to improve the efficiency in visual identification [23] (in the followings we call it previous method).
Figure 9 shows an example of change that RealScape detected as loss and that the human visual identification failed to detect.
The system is based on a Thermoteknix thermal imaging camera working in conjunction with a blackbody calibration unit for high accuracy temperature measurement and with the option of a colour visible video camera display for simultaneous subject visual identification.
The link does not lead to the e-banking portal, but to a collection of web pages that employ several visual identification components of the original web site, namely the bank logo (a bit blurry and disproportionately resized) and the general formatting elements.
Circle or color them for ease of visual identification (as we did with the CFS sample).
M/V Polaris rendezvoused with Vella Gulf and provided positive visual identification of the suspected pirates.
All three new models include a glass reservoir for fast and accurate visual identification.
Among the methods being used in identifying the colour of granite are visual identification, using polish section and mineralogical composition (Taboada et al.
5x8"), the latest addition to the PDR family, contains 1,800 drug monographs based on the latest FDA- approved prescribing information, plus 100 reference tables and charts, as well as a Visual Identification Guide showing hundreds of life-sized pill images.
The only way to tell what is a kelt is by visual identification.
The summary of the tender document refers specifically to holograms, although the full text simply states that the stamps will contain at least two overt security features 'to assist in the unaided visual identification of the `'.
The fire alarm box is colored red for easy visual identification, which reduces time in identifying fire alarm and smoke detector locations for building inspectors, as well as reducing the risk of installation errors.
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