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VITAEVideo Imaging Technique for Assessing Exposure
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Individuals interested in learning more about dTMS or who would like to be considered a candidate for this treatment are encouraged to contact the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center at 215-538-3403.
In 2001, Bishop Franz Kamphaus of Limburg refused to ban Donum Vitae from his diocese not because he supported abortion, but because he saw counselling as a way to dissuade women from abortion (C.
The Latin (and Vatican) custom is to spell titles with only one capital: Humanae vitae rather then the American custom of capitalizing all words in a title (Humanae Vitae).
In Plutarchi Cheronei Graecorum romanorumque illustrium vitae.
It is important to remember that Humanae vitae is not an infallible document, but it does demand that we show reverential respect for its guidance.
In the Disputationes, Landino holds there to be two genera vitae, otium and negotium.
The encyclical Humanae vitae and the Winnipeg Statement do not say the same thing.
Not too surprisingly then, Bishop Carter considered Humanae vitae a "tragedy", to use his own word.