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VITVitality (Final Fantasy)
VITVellore Institute of Technology (Tamil Nadu, India)
VITVictorian Institute of Teaching (Australia)
VITVirginia International Terminals
VITVishwakarma Institute of Technology (India)
VITVitoria, Spain - Vitoria (Airport Code)
VITVan Kampen High Income Trust (stock symbol)
VITVietnam Institute for Trade
VITVirtual Interactive Target
VITVemana Institute of Technology (Bangalore, India)
VITVirtual Information Technology
VITVitrage Isolant Technique (French: Glass Insulation Technology)
VITVenom Allergen Immunotherapy
VITVoid in Toilet
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The reproducibility of sodium and potassium measurements on untreated vitreous humor specimens was significantly worse on the Hitachi 911 (SD of duplicates, 20.
Vitrectomy with gas or oil injection involves removal of the vitreous from the eye and then re-attachment of the retina by pressure from the gas bubble or oil.
Products mentioned: acrylic showers and bathtubs, products made from metal (steel showers, metallic bathtubs) and plastic material, vitreous china sanitary ware, porcelain sanitary ware
Hobby Island has increased their selection of vitreous tile mixes, with five new assortments available at competitive prices.
The vitreous structure changes over time, from a more solid vitreous in a child, to the very liquid vitreous of the senescent eye.
This study is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Microplasmin in vitrectomy (MIVI III - Microplasmin for Vitreous Injection).
Margaret Johnson of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, wrote to you about having vitreous floaters in the July/ August 2006 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.
They are small, semi-transparent or cloudy particles within the vitreous - the clear jelly-like fluid that fills the inside of your eyes.
While the former is an almost disingenuous conflation of front, reception and company logo as a vitreous billboard, the latter down National at 8520 is a wrapped vertical extrusion, assuredly symbolic but without programmatic information.
Theodore Litovitz, director of Catholic University's Vitreous State Laboratory, doesn't understand why there is such a fuss.
plants specializing in the manufacture and sales of vitreous plumbing fixture plants (Section 6).
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing white vitreous china pedestal type water closet (European type) with seat and lid.