vmPFCVentromedial Prefrontal Cortex
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More specifically, Damasio (1994) postulated that the VMPFC plays a key role in the production of somatic markers which are responsible for emotional reactions associated with prediction of long-term outcomes of specific responses in given situations or contexts.
For an additional example, see id, for the story of JZ, another patient for whom the removal of part of his VMPFC caused a disturbance in his social decisionmaking faculties.
The people with VMPFC damage are more likely to make utilitarian choices in moral dilemmas - judgments that favor the aggregate welfare over the welfare of few individuals.
When a different group of healthy but heavy social drinkers received an alcohol taste cue, researchers saw increased activity in the VmPFC, the ACC, and the ventral striatum (Filbey et al.
It's some of the best support we've seen so far for the theory that the vmPFC is integrating emotional assessments from the amygdala," says cognitive neuroscientist Molly Crockett of University College London.
Extinction learning in humans: role of the amygdala and vmPFC.
Importantly, the vmPFC is activated when subjects are recalling extinction learned the previous day, similar to rodent studies.
Learning is just one example of how the "mind" can inspect its own content, he notes, and the VMPFC may be a key to the broader issue of self-awareness.
Increased CRP similarly predicted decreased dorsal striatal to vmPFC and presupplementary motor area connectivity, which correlated with decreased motor speed and increased psychomotor slowing.
For instance, using the IGT, Haaland and Landre (2007) found that BPD patients were more likely than controls to choose decks that were associated with poor long-term outcomes - a pattern similar to that observed in VMPFC lesion patients (see also Maurex et al.
T]he magnitude of this vMPFC difference between judgments of