vmPFCVentromedial Prefrontal Cortex
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When frequent news readers thought about whether to share the article, there were high levels of connection between the vmPFC and a region of the brain that supports the ability to exert deliberate control over your thoughts and feelings.
The results revealed a clear role for the vmPFC in encoding an expected reward before all information had been revealed.
The Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) revealed significantly more mistakes in decision making associated with the dysfunction of vmPFC in binge drinkers, as well as the overactivation of the insula bilaterally [46].
More specifically, Damasio (1994) postulated that the VMPFC plays a key role in the production of somatic markers which are responsible for emotional reactions associated with prediction of long-term outcomes of specific responses in given situations or contexts.
Tiene ademas intimas conexiones con el VMPFC y envia inputs al cortex prefrontal dorsolateral (DLPF), que media las funciones ejecutivas mas cognitivas (1).
For an additional example, see id, for the story of JZ, another patient for whom the removal of part of his VMPFC caused a disturbance in his social decisionmaking faculties.
In effect, there seems to be an inverse correlation between vmPFC and dACC activity [102].
A significant group (MORE, control) x time (Pre, Post) interaction in left ventral striatum (VS: -14,16, -15) and right vmPFC (10, 20, -10).
OFC: orbitofrontal cortices; vmPFC: ventromedial prefrontal cortex; ACC: anterior cingulate; AMG: amygdala; aI: anterior insula; NAcc: nucleus accumbens; red parts: sensorimotor areas; M1: primary motor area; S1: primary somatosensory area; IPL: inferior parietal lobule; PMC: premotor cortex; orange parts: visual areas, part of the occipitotemporal cortex; EBA: extrastriate body area; MT: motion integration area; EV: early visual area; PPA: parahippocampal place area; pSTS: posterior superior temporal sulcus.
Focusing attention on the health aspects of foods changes value signals in vmPFC and improves dietary choice.