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VOLVolvo (stock symbol)
VOLVictory of Light
VOLValley Oak League (California)
VOLVinati Organics Ltd. (India)
VOLVirtual on Line
VOLVolume Licensing
VOLLow Level Output Voltage
VOLVolume Label
VOLVoice on Line
VOLVideo Object Layer
VOLVerdingungsordnung für Leistungen (German)
VOLViljandimaa Omavalitsuste Liit (Estonian: Viljandi County Association of Local Authorities)
VOLVolatile Organic Liquid
VOLVolscan (linguistics)
VOLViet Nam On Line
VOLVoltage Out Low
VOLVisual Orientation Laboratory
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Volunteers may play, but the moves are not necessarily to the death--a wound, and even sometimes points in swordplay, deciding the issue.
They went forward too, and heard a gentleman with a glass in his hand delivering a loud discourse to the volunteers.
One of the volunteers, a tall, very young man with a hollow chest, was particularly conspicuous, bowing and waving his felt hat and a nosegay over his head.
I am very happy to receive the trophy, but I volunteer along with a lot of other people, and they should get the award.
Coupled with an appreciation for what you have, the volunteer experience leads to a renewed pleasure in your own life.
From 1999-2005, volunteer return preparation doubled, from roughly 1 million to 2 million returns.
Anderson, who with his wife, Maggie, recently returned from an assignment in western Zambia, one of Africa's poorest countries, found the transition from the corporate world to volunteer work liberating.
Requiring kids to volunteer could lead them to discover hidden interests and talents.
What's more, when you volunteer for VITA, you help a family in your area, and that family receives a refund that will be spent in the community--strengthening the local economy while making the family less in need of other community resources.
To maximize the effectiveness of their volunteer efforts, CPAs can use the following campaign resources:
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