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VOMITVoice over Misconfigured Internet Telephony
VOMITVoice Over Misconfigured Internet Telephones (software to make recordings of IP telephones)
VOMITVictim of Medical Imaging Technology
VOMITVitals, Oxygen, Monitor, IV, Transport (patient treatment mnemonic)
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This is particularly true when the diarrhea and/or vomiting is bloody, as indicated by pink- or red-tinged vomit with fresh blood or diarrhea or vomit that resembles coffee grounds or dark tarry stools with digested blood.
If the dog continues to vomit, that generally indicates a more serious process going on and, again, veterinary attention should be sought.
Many dogs look for or turn to their owners when they're about to vomit, which can signal alert caregivers to move their pets to a better location
Newport Council's legal team said: "The presence of vomit was reported by a member of the public and bar staff tried to call for a cleaner.
Most importantly, binge drinking further complicates the risk for violence in individuals who vomit to lose weight.
Japan, where drunk adults often regurgitate in the streets, provides you with a chance to move from vomit pile to vomit pile developing your expertise in distinguishing partially digested food products.
Some unusual behaviors that these patients may exhibit include hypersalivation and refusal to swallow (inhibiting speech), unusual postures as a means of reducing nausea, a state of confusion and exhaustion sometimes referred to as a "conscious coma," or compulsive water drinking in an attempt to alleviate retching and also re duce the acidity of vomit.
Etched into the vomit are fossilized remains of belemnites, squid-like shellfish preyed on by ichthyosaurs.
Other people have sudden, brisk bleeding with black, tarry stools or bloody vomit.
An episode of PONV was defined as nausea (subjective feeling of the need to vomit), vomiting (expulsion of stomach contents) or retching (an involuntary attempt to vomit, but not productive of stomach contents).
A friend of mine told me that it is normal for cats to vomit occasionally, but this seems more frequent than it should be.