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VOXVoice Activated
VOXVoice Recording
VOXVoice Actuation
VOXVoice Activation
VOXVoice Operated Transmitter
VOXVoice Actuation (keying; US DoD)
VOXVoice Operated Relay (amateur radio)
VOXVoice Exchange
VOXVoice Operated Switching
VOXVoice Operated Control
VOXVehicle Office X
VOXVoice Operated Threshold
VOXVehicle Operations - Program X
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Vox offers rich media integration, including the ability to insert video, photos and web content into posts by connecting with popular web services such as Amazon.com, YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, iStockphoto and iFilm.
Speaking of Latin, some are criticizing the work of the Vox Clara committee as being an imposition by Rome.
Aqua-Cure Vox and Super AquaCure Vox are low-odor formulations and perform well on both interior and exterior concrete, and are suitable for use over new and old concrete.
A free and freely distributable Vox Proxy Player is available to run your presentations, or to include with your presentations or macros so that users who don't have Vox Proxy can run your scripts.
A radio magazine accidentally publishes, in connection with Vox's name, the photograph of a tennis player, who happens to correspond to the audience's image of Tristan's physical appearance.
"Here at VOX, we question why you need SEO, LinkedIn Ads, and GoogleAds.
Vox promised to "make Spain great again" -- a reworking of President Trump's slogan, and it talks tough on Islam and immigration, similar to France's Le Pen.
Vox has also called for deportation of illegal immigrants, a wall around its North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, and a fight to reclaim Gibraltar.
The two storylines are, to an extent, interrelated: Vox gained momentum on the back of widespread anger in other regions of Spain over Catalonia's controversial 2017 independence referendum.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 22, 2019-Android Enterprise Recommended adds service expertise through Vox Mobile