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VUGVaio User'S Group
VUGVoip User Group
VUGVirtual User Group
VUGVision User Group
VUGVista User Group
VUGVivendi Universal Games
VUGVirtual University Gazette (online resource)
VUGVirtual User Group (online meeting forum)
VUGVisualization and Usability Group
VUGVesicoureteral Reflux (medical)
VUGVehicle User Group (UK)
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Thus, when blue was designated for the control of symmetry (and red for asymmetry), and the experimenter said "vug" in the presence of the blue cue, a correct response involved selecting the VUG card (symmetry).
Actual implementations may differ from sample to sample depending on the underlying primordial textures, crystallite size distributions, type of crystallites, location and type of vugs etc.
11) Harris likens Qfwfq to structuralism and Vug to post-structuralism; Antonello makes the equation "Qfwfq+Vug (Venere e Matte de La Naissance de la physique di Serres)" (212).
Xu (2011) observed that fenestral fabrics such as lamination and open space structures like vug and cavernous structures are usually formed in shallow, near-coast supratidal and upper intertidal carbonate environments (Flugel, 2004).
BlucCap Productions has set the standard with its "What's Hot in Tucson" DVD series, whereas mineral collectors and community websites (like The Vug and Mindat) frequently publish less formal show reviews and commentaries in streaming video formats.
Under his supervision, VUG became one of the most successful interactive entertainment companies in the Asia Pacific region, with extensive market penetration for its World of Warcraft brand.
VUG continues to expand its membership of Worlds Of Warcraft online, and UMG has also experienced strong growth in its digital music business.
These include EA, Ubisoft, Activison, THQ, Microsoft Game Studios, SCEI, Midway, VUG, Sega, Atari, Remedy, NCSoft, Take-2, Pandemic, Valve, Bungie, Monolith, Red Storm, Ensemble, High Moon Studios, Z-Axis, Relic, Rare, Flagship Studios, Turbine, Shiny, Volition, and Irrational.
The crystals are commonly well individualized, even when they form solid linings on vug walls; however, the crystals may span the voids, causing contacts on multiple sides.