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WAFTWheelchair Aerobic Fitness Trainer (US VA)
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Her students, who nominated Ms Waft, described her as: "a special person, dedicated, committed and reliable, who has turned her skills to coaching ve to 50-year-olds of all abilities, demonstrating a true passion for wheelchair basketball.
The first WAFT trip was to Khajuraho in July last year-- a month after the group was formed," Sharma recalls.
Amy shortly after surgeons had inserted 80 stitches in her face' A CCTV image of the dog's owner strolling away from the scene' Amy Waft before she was bitten
Yvonne Waft, Georgina's mother is also a fulltime wheelchair user after having her legs amputated.
Kanebo Foods claims that the flowery scents will waft from your skin for hours.
The home page is white with an elegant patch of blood in a bath of water, or a thick red waft of smoke trailing into the distance or, well you click vaguely in the vicinity of the 'enter' text and there is the definition: 'Plas-mat-ic: forming shaping, molding'.
The flavors of Persian cooking waft out of this volume to tantalize while the psychological turmoil of each family member disturbs the reader.
The WAFT model in the Abacus range concentrates on what bakers call the Water Air Flour Temperatures principle.
It affords us a rare opportunity to live some moments with Babe Paley, Diana Vreeland, Gloria Guiness, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Gloria Vanderbilt at their most glorious as they waft across our mental video screens in their Galanos, Norells, Halstons, Geoffrey Beenes, and Diors.
The tantalizing aromas of omelets and apple muffins, chicken and waffles, pancakes and seafood, French toast and fresh fruit waft through many restaurants and homes on weekends.
Furniture manufactured from fiberboard is better for the forests, but it may come at some cost to your health, as pressed board may waft noxious formaldehyde into your office space, along with volatile organic compounds; paints and finishes may sully the air even more.
Here's a new way to flash a smile: Waft a glowing plasma of charged particles onto your teeth.