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WAGWild Ass Guess
WAGGambia (international vehicle registration)
WAGWaste Area Grouping
WAGWireless Athens Group
WAGWillamette Agility Group
WAGWatershed Assistance Grant
WAGWireless Air Gunner
WAGWelfare for Animals Guild (Sequim, Washington)
WAGWashington Avenue Grill (White Rock, BC, Canada)
WAGWaste Assessment Guidelines (United Nations London Convention and London Protocol)
WAGWorld Area Grid
WAGWeapons Attack Guide
WAGWise Ass Grin
WAGWellsville, Addison, and Galeton Railroad Corporation
WAGWorldwide Analysis Group (wagsys.com)
WAGWager A Guess
WAGWatershed Advisory Group
WAGWomen's Artistic Gymnastics
WAGWife and Girlfriend
WAGWaste Anesthetic Gas
WAGWater Alternating Gas (water/gas injection)
WAGWe Are God's
WAGWhat A Guy
WAGWireless Application Gateway
WAGWill and Grace (TV show)
WAGWireless Access Gateway
WAGWalgreen Co (stock symbol)
WAGWeb Access Gateway
WAGWoman Aggie (Texas A&M University)
WAGWelsh Assembly Government
WAGWide Area Grid
WAGWives and Girlfriends (of the English Football team)
WAGWeb Advisory Group
WAGWidely Attended Gathering
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He's a very agreeable acquaintance, Beck," the wag added.
Her beautiful eyes glanced askance at her husband's face, and her own assumed the timid, deprecating expression of a dog when it rapidly but feebly wags its drooping tail.
So wags the world away,' " quoted Gilbert practically, and a trifle absently.
The WAG Congress commenced with a minute's silence for the late Shaikh Rashid Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who passed away after a heart attack last month.
WAG is willing to consider offers from both strategic and financial investors, the source told Mergermarket.
In the week that the Aberystwyth WAG office wind turbine is shown to be a white elephant it seems ludicrous that they have also spent PS635.
NEW YORK -- The way Fido wags his tail might reveal more about him than you know.
Hollywood bosses want to turn the West End hit into a film, with Lizzie, 45 - the ex-wife of former Chelsea star Jason - recreating her stage role as Queen of the Wags.
8220;Wag Wagon Pet Services continually strives to provide the best quality service to our pet-owning clients and are excited to celebrate this week that recognizes the pet-sitting industry on a global scale,” says Tammi Searle, Owner, Operator and Pet Lover at Wag Wagon Pet Services.
It looks as if my chance may yet come with the news that there's a new kind of WAG on the block in the shape of Women Ageing Gracefully.
A married woman from near the campus in Ellesmere Port, near Chester, in her mid-30s also came to transform herself with WAG tricks and two 40-somethings wanted to create the image on each other.
I think of him whenever I become aware that I am falling victim to a wag the dog scenario in my life.