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Counties where an average wage earner would need to spend the lowest share of income to buy a median-priced home were Bibb County (Macon), Georgia (11.1 percent); Baltimore City, Maryland (12.4 percent); Wayne County (Detroit), Michigan (13.2 percent); Rock Island County (Quad Cities), Illinois (13.5 percent); and Montgomery County, Alabama (13.9 percent).
* Median home prices were not affordable for average wage earners in 75 percent of local markets.
An additional benefit would be that the money that each wage earner places in his retirement account would be available through the banks to the economy as they lend it out in the regular course of business.
When a male or female sole wage earner is made redundant, the effect can be catastrophic.
From the wage earners' answers to questions about their cultural habits (opera lover or Arctic Monkeys fan etc), fun facts about each of them, and their school reports (gleefully read by Nick), the player chooses a likely low earner to vote off after each round of the show.
JVS agencies specialize in employment and training programs serving people with disabilities, those who are economically disadvantaged, refugees, and dislocated family wage earners.
Prices are beginning to respond to the demand for ownership, as middle-class wage earners want something to show for their payments besides a rent receipt.
As his 1-year-old son, Sam, sits in his carseat, he seems oblivious to what he faces as a wage earner. So does the average 38-year-old who is paying 25 percent more to Social Security than in 1980.
Leo did, however, offer this guideline, at once poetic and rational: "The wage earner should be able to provide his family with all that is needful to keep themselves decently from want and misery amid the uncertainties of this mortal life."
Combining both lifestyle needs and sociodemographic information presents the picture of a second wage earner, who views employment in long-term care as a way of fulfilling home lifestyle needs.
Social Security withholding really hurts the low wage earner, while the high-paid one doesn't even notice it.
Or in their own language, when they accept that the pay rise a minimum wage earner picks up in a year just about buys one a decent set of fish knives, then all workers truly belong to the same class.