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WAGESWork And Gain Economic Self-sufficiency
WAGESWomen's Action to Gain Economic Security
WAGESWayne Action Group for Economic Solvency (Goldsboro, NC)
WAGESWomen and Associations for Gain Both Economic and Social (Togo microfinance)
WAGESWater Air Gas Electric Steam (energy and power management systems)
WAGESWorking to Achieve Growth in Employment Skills (Seattle, Washington job readiness program)
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In proportion therefore, as the repulsiveness of the work increases, the wage decreases.
It happened, one evening when Adrienne was receiving her wages from the milliner, that the poor girl overheard a discourse that proved she was not paid at the rate at which others were remunerated.
Still her conscience was so tender that she even doubted the propriety of accepting her old wages were she really incompetent to earn them.
If I was boss I'd cut the wages of any man that listened to them.
Then labor has received in wages, during the same period, two billion dollars.
No, labor consumes all of the total product that its wages will buy back.
Labor cannot consume any of it, for labor has already spent all its wages.
Labor in all these countries has spent it wages, and cannot buy any of the surpluses.
We found that labor could buy back with its wages only so much of the product, and that capital did not consume all of the remainder of the product.
Thanks to the six-year wage agreement and public sector wage hikes, average gross and net wages were up by 12.
The minimum wages will vary from place to place depending upon skill required, arduousness of the work assigned and geographical location," the Labour Ministry said in a release.
Organized labor on Sunday accused the government and employers of delaying the release of a new wage hike order.