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WAITWhy Am I Talking?
WAITWestern Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University of Technology; Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
WAITWhy Am I Tempted?
WAITWildlife and Industry Together (est. 1998; Greenville, SC)
WAITWashington AIDS International Teens
WAITWinningham Aerobic Interval Training (exercise program)
WAITWolinsky Amnesia Information Test
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The wait was four days longer than in the summer but four days shorter than the same time last year.
In October, the provincial government announced a $155-million, five-point plan to improve access to quality care and reduce wait times in key health-service areas.
This is despite a Welsh Government target that no patients should wait that long.
3% of shoppers would return to the same location in Baltimore based on the wait time.
The longest treatment wait (time from booking an appointment to treatment) was two years for mammoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery in Newfoundland.
The fact is everyone had to wait in line, but all medically eligible people "won" their chance to try it.
It results in some isolated instances of people having to wait.
How long must employees wait before they are fully vested in employer contributions?
Greater time spent with the physician also was shown to improve patient satisfaction in patients with short wait times, but the effect was more pronounced in those with long wait times, she noted.
The more afraid we are, the more difficult it becomes to wait.
Then I wait until the assistant actually notices me and I buy my stamps.
Just like all the others, I'll have to wait and see.