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WAMPUMWage and Manpower Process Utilizing Machines (US Bureau of Indian Affairs)
WAMPUMWard's Automatic Menu Package Using Microcomputers (early shareware DOS DBMS by Ward Mundy)
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Both the Wampum and Coney Island Convenience stores located at 1232 Surf Avenue will be a total of 2,500 s/f each.
From June 16 to June 19, Gorrell conferred with the Menominee, Sac, Fox, and Ho-Chunk in his area, giving wampum belts and presents of trade goods to each group.
The Pequot War also resulted in the devaluation of wampum as a form of legal tender among the colonists.
There is one form of commodity money that is widely known to Americans from their study of Native Americans - wampum, elaborate and beautiful strings of polished beads made from periwinkle and clam shells and fashioned into belts and various forms of jewelry.
While noting his analysis should not be construed to suggest that this system can or should be exported wholesale to either Indigenous governments or Canada's parliaments, he suggests it does demonstrate that with shared purpose and political creativity, new ways can be found to define a third shared normative space, sparkling like jewels in the waters of the Two-Row Wampum.
The priciest West Islip home sold in September was a 3-bedroom, 2-bath waterfront ranch on .51 acres at 140 Wampum Lane that sold for $876,500.
"And it's very rich in artifacts including Native American pottery and stone tools, as well as trade goods such as glass beads, wampum, hatchets and knives.
Through readings of a wide range of northeastern texts (including Puritan captivity narratives, Wabanaki wampum belts, and contemporary Innu poetry) "The Homing Place" deftly explores how colonized and Indigenous environments occupy the same given geographical coordinates even while existing in distinct epistemological worlds.
Maple wood, lead, glass imitation wampum beads, plant fiber, sinew; height 5.5 in.
Pat and I returned to the Quilt of Belonging on Friday as people from the Woodland Cultural Centre, in Brantford, were speaking about the Two Row Wampum. This was an opportunity for us to learn more, as we add to our school presentations constantly.
As the Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff noted last year in his book 'The Curse of Cash', early currencies once included "whale's teeth in Fiji, rice in the Philippines, grain in India, cowrie shell money in large parts of Africa and China as well as wampum beads in the United States".