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That error, as with that of the warehouseman, also had serious results, although in this case they were purely economic.
A 35-year employee, Rayford joined the company as a warehouseman and served in various capacities before being promoted to director of distribution in 1988.
When not using the alias and inhabiting the role of a shady gunfighter, the Kid is known as Rick Mendez, of Ontario, and works as a warehouseman.
Campbell (below) ended up working as a warehouseman near Wembley after blowing the chance to make the grade with QPR and Aston Villa when he was a teenager.
Labor was provided by the local International Longshore and Warehouseman Union(ILWU).
Mother-of-four Paula Coffell and warehouseman Gary Maughan were convicted earlier this month of child cruelty on the basis of neglect.
The ability of a warehouseman to limit his liability has its basis in public policy: absent the limitation, storage costs would be excessively high, as the warehouses would be required to carry perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars of liability insurance, depending on the nature of goods stored.
Honorees included Ed Hanes, who earned the chairman's award for outstanding leadership and diligence for the company's corporate headquarters recent renovations; Christine Hricik, who received the president's award for her contributions in expanding employees' understanding of computers; the warehouseman of the year award, issued to Benito Yumul and driver of the year, awarded to Richard Lomel.
There are several variations on this scam, but it invariably involves some cooperation between a warehouseman and a driver.
Certainly when a warehouseman is "full" with his four walls and cold air, everything is great.
About Fulton Industrial Park: Fulton Industrial is home to more than 40 existing rail-centric warehouseman and light manufacturing companies that move everything from food products and metals to paper and packaging products from five regions of the country.
He had been a warehouseman at Wm Hirst and Sons at Turnbridge and attended Lockwood Baptist Chapel.