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WARNWarning (Alcatel)
WARNWorker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988
WARNWater & Wastewater Agency Response Network (various locations)
WARNWomen of All Red Nations
WARNWal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now
WARNWide Area Reference Network (GPS)
WARNWebroot Automated Research Network (anti-spyware collection group)
WARNWarning, Alert and Response Network Act of 2006
WARNWide Area Rapid Notification (emergency information dissemination)
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Sir," interposed Blaisois, "I warn you that I can only swim in rivers.
If you do not warn the captain you are as much a party to whatever follows as though you had helped to plot and carry it out with your own head and hands.
If I am going to warn him I might as well get the beastly job over for I have little stomach to talk with the brute at all.
Failure to comply with WARN can expose employers to lawsuits and significant financial obligations.
He prefaced these iconic words with: "I warn you that you will have pain - when healing and relief depend upon payment.
Under the federal WARN Act, those companies that employ more than 100 people are required to issue a warning before instituting a layoff, but two years ago the state Legislature passed a law lowering the threshold to 75 workers, as well as attempting to put some teeth into the law.
Early warning is obviously more focused on strategic than on tactical warning and, if as envisaged, will also in future warn about for instance potential terror attacks on African countries and will have to increasingly rely on warning intelligence.
State warns that actions again private citizens are likely for some time.
At a jet's cruising altitude, the device probably could spot an ash plume more than 80 km away, giving pilots more than enough time to divert their plane around the danger and warn other aircraft passing through the area.
But the Agency knew enough to warn National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice on June 28th that a "significant al-Qaeda attack" in the near future was "highly likely" -- and to refine that warning into a prediction of a U.
It would seem then that it is not mandatory to warn one's wife before causing her to undergo the Sotah ceremony.
Following the official announcement, the movement to warn rapidly assumed the elements of a crusade.