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WARPSWorld Association for Ruined Piano Studies (Western Australia, Australia)
WARPSWireless Automated Response Positioning System (vehicle location software; Australia)
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I think I'll start another cotton warp quilt this winter.
And Jerry, far-journeyer across life and across the history of all life that goes to make the world, strugglingly mastering the abysmal slime of the prehistoric with the love that had come into existence and had become warp and woof of him in far later time, his wrath of ancientness still faintly reverberating in his throat like the rumblings of a passing thunder-storm, knew, in the wide warm ways of feeling, the augustness and righteousness of Skipper.
He was unaware of her gaze, and she watched him intently, speculating fancifully about the strange warp of soul that led him, a young man with signal powers, to fritter away his time on the writing of stories and poems foredoomed to mediocrity and failure.
Little I guessed how all the warp and woof of that man- world was entangled with alcohol.
I'm going to give Anne two of my cotton warp spreads," she resumed.
I took down this dwelling the same morning, drawing the nails, and removed it to the pond-side by small cartloads, spreading the boards on the grass there to bleach and warp back again in the sun.
Or, to use a Platonic image, justice and the State are the warp and the woof which run through the whole texture.
Till it comes give people cash, for it is the warp of civilization, whatever the woof may be.
Tell me; oh yes; did you say money is the warp of the world?
Two warps tilted in opposite directions make for a more compelling case that the gravitational tug of one or possibly two planets is responsible for the features, says Weinberger.