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WASHWashington (old style)
WASHWater, Sanitation and Hygiene for All (campaign of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Switzerland)
WASHWater And Sanitation for Health
WASHWashington Area Secular Humanists (Washington, DC)
WASHWomen Against Sexual Harassment
WASHWashington Literary Society and Debating Union (University of Virginia)
WASHWest African Short Horn (cattle breed)
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Wash Williams did not associate with the men of the town in which he lived.
They pulled without flagging, and carried not only Nausicaa and her wash of clothes, but the maids also who were with her.
At length the damsel with the jug returned and they made an end of washing Don Quixote, and the one who carried the towels very deliberately wiped him and dried him; and all four together making him a profound obeisance and curtsey, they were about to go, when the duke, lest Don Quixote should see through the joke, called out to the one with the basin saying, "Come and wash me, and take care that there is water enough." The girl, sharp-witted and prompt, came and placed the basin for the duke as she had done for Don Quixote, and they soon had him well soaped and washed, and having wiped him dry they made their obeisance and retired.
"That's a pair of mittens belonging to Tabby Kitten; I only have to iron them; she washes them herself."
WE stayed two days at Streatley, and got our clothes washed. We had tried washing them ourselves, in the river, under George's superintendence, and it had been a failure.
This they claimed was ten ounces; but when they filled a pan of dirt to prove the lie, they washed out twelve ounces.
"Can you wash dishes right?" asked Marilla distrustfully.
If you were in the small ward a nurse would wash you, and I can do it just as well as a nurse."
All fears for Sophia being now removed, Jones became the object of the squire's consideration.--"Come, my lad," says Western, "d'off thy quoat and wash thy feace; for att in a devilish pickle, I promise thee.
"Well now, good-bye, or you'll never get washed, and I shall have on my conscience the worst sin a gentleman can commit.
After they had been released and fed, Joseph selected the cushion and corner which appealed to him, and the Sarah-cat gravely sat herself down before the fire and proceeded to wash her face.
If a hermit could survive a wash, and that failed to convince a duke, give him up, let him alone.