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To show unity for the cause, they receive and wear a t-shirt printed with plastisol inks, rather than water-based inks.
China's water-based coating market is now dominated by international brands represented by BASF, Axalta and AkzoNobel.
I've generally found water-based stains easier to control and modify after application to the wood.
The newly developed bio-derived, water-based paint uses an emulsion of polylactic acid resin, derived from plants.
A specialist in corrugated inks and coatings, as well as water-based flexo and gravure surface print inks, heat transfer inks and adhesives, heat seal adhesives and functional water-based coatings, Custom Color Ink and Coating was founded more than five years ago by Vladimir Pakhnyuk, a 20-year veteran of the corrugated ink and printing field.
Narrow web tag and label printers that use water-based flexo inks can now decrease their overall bottom-line operating expenses in ink volume and ink costs by up to 25% with the new Sun Chemical Water-Based Flexo Dispenser Program," the company says.
Robust economic growth in China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam will, in turn, boost the Asia-Pacific water-based coatings market.
UV-cured coatings, powder coatings, high solids coatings, and water-based coatings are the main alternatives to solvent-based coatings traditionally used in many industries such as metal, automotive, and wood (Turner and McCrillis 1996, Marshall and Fields 2000).
Water-based PU coating does not penetrate the already seamless glove liner, ensuring a softer, more comfortable feel against the skin.
The two water-based varnishes seemed most capable of preventing borate from leaching, and the one over pretreatment with a Forintek formula was superior.
Basically you dip this sandpaper into water and then use it to rub down the sheen on the gloss, to give the surface a "key" to take the water-based paint.
Aqualine water-based products, providing performance equal to traditional solvent-based release agents, are suited for molding rubber parts or composite parts from heated molds.