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Two waterspouts were spotted off the coast of Taitung on the afternoon of Aug.
"With regards to weather and flooding, the control measures in place for incidents related to a tornado-style waterspout would be based around the Met Office and SEPA severe weather and flood early warning systems."
A spokesman for the Met Office explained waterspouts were a fairly rare occurrence in the UK.
The lion's head: Once formed the upper portion of a waterspout
Uslan comes from Atlanta-based Waterspout Communications, publisher of weekly niche newspapers.
4 Mercury at greatest morning elongation but low, poor for Northern Hemisphere observers; in 1761, a tornado became a waterspout and sank five British warships in the river at Charleston, SC.
The much rarer blue jets last longer, shooting up from the tops of thunderclouds in a narrow column that fans out at the top like the waterspout of a whale.
A waterspout was spotted off the coast of Mabini, Batangas around noon on Sunday.
Mum-of-two Helen Mulley filmed the waterspout near Gwynt y Mor offshore windfarm on her mobile phone from Rhos on Sea promenade.
At approximately 1050 LT (0950 UTC), this tornado, initially formed as a waterspout over the Ionian Sea, moved inland near the port city of Taranto, the third-largest in southern Italy, and hit the ILVA, the largest steel plant in Europe (Fig.
A waterspout had been spotted on the Sur coast, a weather enthusiast said.