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WAXWorldwide Asset Exchange (game trading platform)
WAXWeak Anion-Exchange (chemistry)
WAXWireless Abstract Xml
WAXWindows Media Audio Shortcut
WAXWide Area Xml
WAXWest Asia Express (shipping service)
WAXWeapons, Ammunition, Explosives
WAXWriting API (Application Programming Interface) for XML (Extensible Markup Language; open-source library)
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At one end of a short series we have humble-bees, which use their old cocoons to hold honey, sometimes adding to them short tubes of wax, and likewise making separate and very irregular rounded cells of wax.
We have further to suppose, but this is no difficulty, that after hexagonal prisms have been formed by the intersection of adjoining spheres in the same layer, she can prolong the hexagon to any length requisite to hold the stock of honey; in the same way as the rude humble-bee adds cylinders of wax to the circular mouths of her old cocoons.
Tegetmeier, I separated two combs, and put between them a long, thick, square strip of wax: the bees instantly began to excavate minute circular pits in it; and as they deepened these little pits, they made them wider and wider until they were converted into shallow basins, appearing to the eye perfectly true or parts of a sphere, and of about the diameter of a cell.
"Hang up, some of you, and make wax for these slack-jawed sisters."
Before a bee can make wax she must fill herself with honey.
Hang up at once and produce our wax," said the bees below.
Shall I tell you why?' She snatched off the shade from the lamp, and put her hand under the table, and brought out an image of wax. My image!
Are you sure you didn't betray yourself, when she showed the image of wax?"
-- "and waxed past noon and drew toward even- song.
The summer weeks dragged by, and then the political campaign opened-- opened in pretty warm fashion, and waxed hotter and hotter daily.
At the end of the fourth week, two other tumblers, white youths, being secured, the complete, builded turn was performed for the benefit of a slender, French-looking gentleman, with waxed moustaches.
"That's what it means by never spiking him," Collins shot at the man with the waxed moustaches, as he stepped forward to the imaginary line in the sawdust, above the imaginary pit of the orchestra, and addressed the imaginary house.