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WEBWorld English Bible (public domain translation)
WEBWhere Everybody Belongs (middle school transition program)
WEBWorld Expo of Beer
WEBWarm Electronics Box (Mars Exploration Rover)
WEBWider Economic Benefit
WEBWest Early Bird (ASTRIUM satellite; UK)
WEBWitches Education Bureau (Salem, Massachusetts)
WEBWeb Enterprise Builder (JYACC)
WEBWomen's Endeavors in Business
WEBWorld Electronic Broadcast
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The livelong day he sat in his loom, his ear filled with its monotony, his eyes bent close down on the slow growth of sameness in the brownish web, his muscles moving with such even repetition that their pause seemed almost as much a constraint as the holding of his breath.
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Georges, and Louises, doubloons and double guineas and moidores and sequins, the pictures of all the kings of Europe for the last hundred years, strange Oriental pieces stamped with what looked like wisps of string or bits of spider's web, round pieces and square pieces, and pieces bored through the middle, as if to wear them round your neck--nearly every variety of money in the world must, I think, have found a place in that collection; and for number, I am sure they were like autumn leaves, so that my back ached with stooping and my fingers with sorting them out.
The way seemed interminable, and the streets like the black web of some sprawling spider.
It was on the face of it a fantastic nightmare of a task--to weave such a web of wires, with in- terlocking centres, as would put any one telephone in touch with every other.
I know his worship," said the curate; "that is where Senor Reinaldos of Montalvan figures with his friends and comrades, greater thieves than Cacus, and the Twelve Peers of France with the veracious historian Turpin; however, I am not for condemning them to more than perpetual banishment, because, at any rate, they have some share in the invention of the famous Matteo Boiardo, whence too the Christian poet Ludovico Ariosto wove his web, to whom, if I find him here, and speaking any language but his own, I shall show no respect whatever; but if he speaks his own tongue I will put him upon my head.
This was what she said, and we assented; whereon we could see her working on her great web all day long, but at night she would unpick the stitches again by torchlight.
So the voyagers examined the web of cloth which the beautiful woman had been weaving in her loom; and, to their vast astonishment, they saw their own figures perfectly represented in different colored threads.
Wyeth; anecdotes of whose enterprise have, occasionally, been interwoven in the party-colored web of our narrative.
At tide-time you would see one of the loaded ships with battened- down hatches drop out of the ranks and float in the clear space of the dock, held by lines dark and slender, like the first threads of a spider's web, extending from her bows and her quarters to the mooring-posts on shore.
Arousing from the most profound of slumbers, we break the gossamer web of some dream.
But then, again, my exasperating insight into Alfred's self- complacent soul, his freedom from all the doubts and fears, the unsatisfied yearnings, the exquisite tortures of sensitiveness, that had made the web of my life, seemed to absolve me from all bonds towards him.
I think that we may gain that by means of the law; but we have our web to weave, while theirs is already woven.