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WELDWell Data Report (oil industry)
WELDWomen for Economic and Leadership Development
WELDWestern Extension Leadership Development (various universities)
WELDWednesday Evening Life Drawing (Champaign, IL)
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The protective slag must be chipped off to expose the actual weld beneath, adding a time-consuming step.
The computational stress intensity factor solutions for the realistic and idealized weld geometries obtained from two-dimensional plane strain finite element analyses are first reviewed.
These studies investigated the impacts of welding parameters, that is, weld pressure, amplitude, and filler content, on the weld strength of nanocomposite materials.
George Karr, a welding and technology instructor at Hollenstein Career and Tech Center in Fort Worth, Texas says, "teach WELD has decreased our consumable and welding costs by about 70 percent for our program.
2, a); while preparing for manual welding pipes were tack welded in four points positioning 90[degrees] and keeping 2 mm gap between the retaining rods, which ensures a better root penetration weld.
One application for HLAW is deep penetration, single-pass welds in thick material which increases productivity by reducing the total number of weld passes needed to fill a joint, it also significantly reduces the heat-input as compared to conventional arc welding processes.
Burn back is the formation of a weld in the contact tip that occurs when the wire feed speed is too slow or if the gun is held too close to the work piece.
The weld penetration and the arc stability depend on the shielding gas too.
The Internal Weld Scanning Tool, developed by UK-based company Optical Metrology Services Limited (OMS), is an innovative system that internally scans welds inside pipes -- both visually and dimensionally -- enabling engineers to quickly and confidently assess the quality of the root weld.
Developed by Optical Metrology Services, the Internal Weld Scanning Tool scans welds in pipes visually and dimensionally, enabling engineers to quickly assess the quality of the root weld.