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WEWorld Education (Boston, MA)
WEWomen's Entertainment (TV channel)
WEWomen's Entertainment
WEWith Equipment
WEWest Europe
WEWorld Editor (gaming)
WEWestern Electric
WEWeek Ending
WEWater Equivalent (climatology)
WEWine Enthusiast (magazine)
WEWinning Eleven (game)
WEWinning Eleven (Konami game)
WEWrite Enable
WEWindows Embedded
WEWochenende (German: Weekend)
WEWorkstation Environment
WEWater Elemental (World of Warcraft gaming)
WEWide Excision
WEWareneingang (German)
WEWar Establishment
WEWillenserklärung (German: declaration of intent)
WEWilson Energy (Wilson, North Carolina)
WEWithholding Exemptions
WEWeapons Effect
WEWeapon Effectiveness
WEWeight Enumerator
WEWeapon Engineering
WEWardrop Equilibrium
WEWax Ester
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In India, we are well-endowed and in South India, the girls are a little more well-endowed.
Such pledges are easier for well-endowed institutions to make, adds Samantha Veeder, senior consultant for Scannell & Kurz, an enrollment management firm based in Pittsford, N.
In a passionate appeal, he demanded from the current center-left government "a very ambitious, highly diversified and well-endowed cultural project" to make the country's "creative soil fertile again" after five years of Silvio Berlusconi, whom he blasted as a crass money-minded philistine.
Jonathan Clements' entertaining work is largely about the plotters behind the scenes, whose dynasty-arranging stratagems included faking the castration of a well-endowed favourite of the emperor's mother and then incarcerating the 'eunuch' in her palace, thus ensuring that she was too preoccupied to meddle in affairs of state.
During the Tang Dynasty, the aesthetic preference for women was very robust and well-endowed,'' Zhang informs us.
Most well-endowed women, like Jessica Simpson and Salma Hayek, have grown to appreciate their curves, and you likely will, too, one day.
It must make the follicly well-endowed a little nervous.
More financially well-endowed institutions are approaching the problem by easing the cost burden on low-income students.
So I'm flipping the pages to get to 105 and I see's this well-endowed blonde with a "Bud" base ball cap on page 51, so I start reading that article, and it continues on page 112.
He envisioned the hereditarily well-endowed receiving official subsidies to reproduce; people whose reproduction was considered undesirable would stay celibate or else be considered "enemies to the state, and to have forfeited all claims to kindness.
She said she wasn't sure this explained everything, but that when she was growing up, the majority of women, if not downright flat-chested, were not conspicuously well-endowed.
The HBCUs on our list are measured not just against one another but against all colleges and universities with a black student population of at least 3%, including prestigious, well-endowed Ivy League schools.