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I spent rupees 3,000 on various parts and assembled to make this wheel chair," said John Peter, Julie's master.
When contacted, the District Social Welfare Officer Jafar Khan said that he was directed by the council to purchase 1816 sewing machines and 517 wheel chairs. He, consequently, devised a Purchase Committee to tender the purchase.
I asked the young man to buy a wheel chair that would be comfortable for her, but he replied that his father had asked him to buy a larger one.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) announced that SSB Wheel Chair Tennis Trials were successfully held at Union Club, Karachi under the supervision of Mr.
The games were organized by the Directorate of Sports KPK and regional sports office Hazara where male and female athletes from KP, Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, and Islamabad have participated in different track and field competitions including wheel chair cricket, standing cricket, badminton, wheelchair double badminton, standing double badminton, table tennis, single wheelchair table tennis, single standing athletics, power wheel chair race, body building and weight lifting.
Similarly, minimum one lift in all commercial and public buildings having more than three floors and residential apartments / flats of more than four storey and such lift should also be of size to accommodate a wheel chair. Accordingly the regulations further elaborate that ramps from foot path level to entrance of the building for easy accessibility through wheel chair should be mandatory for all buildings other than dwelling houses.
* A comprehensive line of wheel chair seating and positioning equipment for the geriatric and rehabilitation patient.
a vacation brochure entitled Endless Vacation, and a girl pushing a woman in a wheel chair to the counter, where she pulled
Each rides a bike, sits in a chair or sits in a wheel chair and has a pin sized colour cameras set into the eyes, a voice-activated mouth that forms the words, a built-in cassette recorder, and a range of body movements.
AN ex-Merseyside policeman, who lost his leg in an attack in Liverpool, is touring the country in his wheel chair.
There was no guarantee the prosthetic limb would succeed and he could end up in the wheel chair sooner than expected.
Many mothers with prams face the same problem and it is very hard to carry or move a wheel chair or pram.