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She soon found that whistling to the bullfinches in Mrs d'Urberville's room was no such onerous business when she had regained the art, for she had caught from her musical mother numerous airs that suited those songsters admirably.
Thereupon her whistling became so disjointed that the listener, if such there were, must have discovered her suspicion of his presence.
The man now took Ojo's arm and led him up the road, past the last of the great plants, and not till he was safely beyond their reach did he cease his whistling.
To-day as I went by, whistling, I saw a leaf curled and knew there must be something inside it.
I had barely time to notice this before I heard the rumbling and whistling sounds approaching me.
And in the roaring, and whistling, and whizzing the coffin burst up, and spouted out a thousand peals of laughter.
Art thou not thyself the wind with shrill whistling, which bursteth open the gates of the fortress of Death?
No sooner had Alan seen him than he whistled; the man turned and came a little towards us: then Alan would give another "peep!" and the man would come still nearer; and so by the sound of whistling, he was guided to the spot where we lay.
He was three full days gone, but about five in the evening of the third, we heard a whistling in the wood, which Alan answered; and presently the bouman came up the water-side, looking for us, right and left.
Then Robin Hood stepped quickly to the coverside and cut a good staff of ground oak, straight, without new, and six feet in length, and came back trimming away the tender stems from it, while the stranger waited for him, leaning upon his staff, and whistling as he gazed round about.
From different sides came whistling sounds and the thud of cannon balls and bursting shells falling on the town.
Around a corner toward the New Willard House he went whistling softly.