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The white paper also states that China has regarded nuclear safety as an important national responsibility, maintaining a good safety record and continuing to improve the safety level.
Furthermore, over 5,000 laptops are spoiling but the government has not distributed them among the intelligent students, the white paper added.
They have all recognized that violent and inhumane terrorist activities in the region, provoked by religious extremism, were causing outrage, the white paper said.
The designated White Paper would be presented to the Ministry of Petroleum, with a number of strategic solutions that would enhance brownfield performance in Egypt.
The main body of the white paper was divided into six sections: the international security situation, China's defensive national defense policy in the new era, fulfilling the missions and tasks of China's armed forces in the new era, reform in China's national defense and armed forces, reasonable and appropriate defense expenditure, and actively contributing to building a community with a shared future for mankind.
The article outlines three broad categories of modifications to an AI/ML-based SaMD that are highlighted in the white paper, including performance, inputs and intended use.
The white paper explores the evolution of stethoscopes used specifically for telemedicine encounters.
Mohamed Azmin said the White Paper, which will outline Felda's shortcomings and possible solutions, will be postponed to the next Parliament sitting.
He added that the local leadership of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) under Ameer Muqam was preparing a white paper as well.
Ellen Daniels, head of public affairs and policy at the British Coatings Federation, said: "Given the importance of our industry across all the supply chains in UK manufacturing, we're pleased the White Paper reflects some of the concerns of the coatings industry.
At 1.6 million workers, women encompass more than 60 percent of the current industry employment roster, the Million Women Mentors Women in Insurance Initiative white paper states.
The white paper analysed the video service development of the top 50 fixed-first operators in terms of the number of video subscribers, and came to the conclusions mentioned above.