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Why was the fireball at impact white-hot, which is characteristic of an explosion, rather than a reddish hue which one might expect in a fireball from a jet plane crash?
Nevertheless, plans for many large, capital-intensive projects wither under the white-hot spotlight of financial and risk analysis.
Given Washington's current environment of white-hot partisan animosity, either candidate will likely face an almost intractable Congressional gridlock.
Surrounded by the fire, his body was like bread that baked, or gold and silver white-hot in a furnace, not like flesh that has been burnt.
The latter concern (relating to the use of white-hot rhetoric to attack so-called tax sheltering) properly implicates tax administration--whether business taxpayers are complying with their legal obligations.
"[Liberals] are painfully self-righteous, they have fantastic hatreds, and they could not see the other fellow's position if you prodded them with white-hot pokers....
After all, these crack corporate firefighters heft a host of techniques for dealing with white-hot economic upheaval.
The tabletop community marked several anniversaries, including the 60th for Grand Baroque, the flatware pattern by Wallace Silversmiths that's still going strong, and the 50th for Nambe, the alternative metal company that's white-hot at retail.
The explosions reportedly occurred when a crane operator overfilled a giant ladle with molten iron, spilling some of the white-hot metal into a pit of standing water.
Energy released during the impact created "a glow of white-hot radiation" aimed at the continent, says Peter Schultz, a geologist at Brown University.
a sun-blown apple tree, its trunk black pitch, its petals wrought from white-hot iron bars, opens to the sweet rank of corruption.
How the ones we loved well enough or not would miss us with a white-hot burning for as long as they held on.