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WHOMPWildlife Help on Mornington Peninsula (Australia)
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Whether you are a scratch, sourdough or whomp biscuit fan, biscuits have made the world a much better place.
With a flick of the barrel selector, the gun throws a large pattern up close but retains some long-range whomp with the HEVI-Shot in the Extra-Full top tube.
West Coast musical artist Nico Luminous is a DJ, producer and vocalist who creates electronic music using bouncing drum beats and futuristic bass synths fused with organic elements - "Glitch-a-Delic Soul Whomp.
It's all here: the rats, the lice, the nerveshredding whomp of the barrage, the screetch of the whiz-bangs, the scratchy uniforms, the basic provisions and the stench of the lavvies.
My experience reading men's and women's biographies and stories and legends has shown me that the male almost always needs a whomp on the side of the head, like Paul being thrown off his horse.
Word Whomp, Turbo 21 and Sweet Tooth are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.
I don't know how she does it, but Marlo and her associates whomp up more than $600 million every year to keep St.
whomp whomp whomp* I hear she has teamed up with producer Paul "Groucho" Smykle to produce the UK's next big club banger and wants to explore new sonic treats.