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WIGWing In-Ground (effect)
WIGWireless Internet Gateway
WIGWarszawski Indeks Gieldowy (Poland)
WIGWolfram-Inertgasschweißen (tungsten-inert gas welding)
WIGWireless Internet Gateway (microbrowser based GSM technology)
WIGWithin Grade (salary)
WIGWildly Important Goal
WIGWhitehall & Industry Group (UK)
WIGWorkforce Involvement Group (UK)
WIGWhat Is Goth?
WIGWrasawzki Indeks Giedowy (Warsaw Stock Exchange Index, Poland)
WIGWithout Information Given
WIGWestern Independent Greenhouses (est. 1984; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
References in classic literature ?
Only the corners," replied Pig- wig, studying the sentiments with much interest by the firelight.
Early in the morning, between dark and daylight, Pigling tied up his little bundle and woke up Pig- wig.
But not a valet to brush his clothes," cut in the priest, with a curious dryness, "for the valet would want to brush his wig, too.
He does, with sincere shame and terror, hide under that purple wig something he thinks it would blast the sons of man to see.
The gentleman from Tellson's had nothing left for it but to empty his glass with an air of stolid desperation, settle his odd little flaxen wig at the ears, and follow the waiter to Miss Manette's apartment.
After a pause, he added, again settling the crisp flaxen wig at the ears, "It is very difficult to begin.
He had thrown off his embroidered coat and powdered wig, and had on a loose-flowing gown and purple-velvet cap.
As the guard spoke, there all at once appeared, right in front of my uncle, a young gentleman in a powdered wig, and a sky- blue coat trimmed with silver, made very full and broad in the skirts, which were lined with buckram.
The judge, by the way, was the King; and as he wore his crown over the wig, (look at the frontispiece if you want to see how he did it,) he did not look at all comfortable, and it was certainly not becoming.
And, knowing this, I removed the wig and circlet from my head, tossing them carelessly upon the flagging of the court.
Hugh made no answer, but throwing the bridle to his master, and snatching his wig from his head, in a manner so unceremonious and hasty that the action discomposed Mr Willet not a little, though performed at his own special desire, climbed nimbly to the very summit of the maypole before the house, and hanging the wig upon the weathercock, sent it twirling round like a roasting jack.
Dobbins' lashings were very vigorous ones, too; for although he carried, under his wig, a perfectly bald and shiny head, he had only reached middle age, and there was no sign of feebleness in his muscle.