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WIMPSWeakly Interacting Massive Particles
WIMPSWhere Is My Public Servant (youth organization; Ireland, UK)
WIMPSWorking for Innovation Management, Production and Sharing (various nations)
WIMPSWindows, Icons, Menus, Pointers, and Scrollbars
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Electrons may of course be produced by heavy WIMPs after they collide with a heavy target which results in a shakeup of the atom yielding "primordial" electron production [14-16].
Hitting the neutrino floor will be a new window into how these particles work, but if WIMPs live beneath that sensitivity level, the sea of neutrinos we expect to detect will complicate the continuing search for dark matter.
A massive superpartner should have precisely the properties needed to account for the dark matter in space; it would interact only weakly with ordinary matter, inspiring the nickname of WIMP (weakly interacting massive particle).
"It goes without saying that 'wimps' was a joke," he tweeted.
Mahapatra said the collaboration will continue to probe this WIMP sector using the SuperCDMS Soudan experiment's operating germanium detectors and is considering using silicon detectors in future experiments.
A rise in the positron energy followed by a dramatic fall is what would be expected from Wimp collisions.
Though dark matter exerts a tangible force on the galaxy as a whole, individual WIMPs have proved far more difficult to detect.
Winning teams cannot be crafted from a band of wimps.
It's about time the bosses of industry and commerce got together and told these employees if you want paying then turn up for work and earn your wages and stop being a bunch of wimps.
To do this, they have filled a large tank with the inert gas xenon and fitted it with detectors that can spot the flashes of light that should be produced when wimps occasionally strike xenon atoms.
Rupert Everett has apologised for calling soldiers "wimps" and suggesting they went into the Army to torture prisoners.
Rupert Everett has apologised to soldiers after branding them "whining wimps".