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The winners in the various contests of the day would be pitted against each other until only two remained alive; the victor in the last encounter being set free, whether animal or man.
She was a winner. Jump in and out of nail-kegs, on her hind legs, without ever touching with her front ones.
Then the Tin Woodman cut a straight and strong limb from a tree with his gleaming axe and made a new leg and a new ear for the Sawhorse; and when they had been securely fastened in place Princess Ozma took the coronet from her own head and placed it upon that of the winner of the race.
Between them sat her grandfather, looking intently at the winner with a kind of hungry admiration, and hanging upon his words as if he were some superior being.
"Winner pays!" Daylight shouted, closing the wager.
Half-way around, Tim led by fifty feet, and, running swiftly, maintaining the same lead, he came down the homestretch an easy winner. When directly beneath the group on the hillside, the incredible and unthinkable happened.
The other replied that all his antagonist said was true, and that he did not choose to give him more than four reals because he very often gave him money; and that those who expected presents ought to be civil and take what is given them with a cheerful countenance, and not make any claim against winners unless they know them for certain to be sharpers and their winnings to be unfairly won; and that there could be no better proof that he himself was an honest man than his having refused to give anything; for sharpers always pay tribute to lookers-on who know them.
A visit to the gaming-table--not as a heated, anxious venturer, but one whom it was quite a treat to see staking his two or three pieces in deference to the follies of society, and smiling with equal benevolence on winners and losers--made it late before he reached home.
She won by two shots from Silver gross winner Njeri Onyango, who beat another Vet Lab player Mercy Nyanchama on countback.
The SM Group today includes 2015 Best Developer winner SM Prime Holdings, SM Development Corporation, resorts, offices, banking, and other businesses.
Round of sixteen 4 Winner20:00Round of sixteen 3 Winner
CULTER MILL TROPHY - WINNER: Clifton, R/up Kings Bar B.