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WAWashington (state; US postal abbreviation)
WAWalk Around (boat style)
WAWater Authority
WAWarrington (postcode, United Kingdom)
WAWide Angle (cinematography)
WAWearing Apparel
WAWeather Advisory
WAWatershed Analysis
WAWeb Accelerator (Google)
WaWakhi (linguistics)
WAWassenaar Arrangement
WAWebassign (Online homework system)
WAWasher, Air
WAWashington Accord (International accreditation for professional engineering degree programs)
WAWeapons Assembly
WAWarning Areas
WAWar Arranger (gaming)
WAWeapons Analyst
WAWallcoverings Association
WAWebAbacus (web analytics software)
WAWavelength Allocation
WAWeapon Assignment
WAWabash Railroad Company
WAWest Athen
WAWordsAhead (Vibrant Learning Affiliates literacy program)
WAWest by Air
WAWaferboard Association
WAWilkinson's Approximation (algorithm)
WAWeston Analytics
WAWitches Anonymous (now Witches Armor for Magickal Protection)
WAWake on Arrival
WAWoody Allen (celebrity)
WAWestminster Academy
WAWorms Armageddon (game)
WAWild Arms (PSX video game)
WAWord After
WAWord After (logging abbreviation)
WAWork Around
WAWork Assignment
WAWork Authorization
WAWork Area (telephony; wiring locations e.g., from WA to main cross-connect, etc.)
WAWinamp (Nullsoft media player)
WAWeird Al Yankovic (band)
WAWestern Australia
WAWestford Academy (Westford, MA)
WAWide Area
WAWide Awake
WAWild Ambition (Fatal Fury/SNK game)
WAWork Authority
WAWeight For Age
WAWorld Advocates (NGO)
WAWeighted Average
WAWilderness Act of 1984
WAWhite Album (Beatles album)
WAWelsh Athletics (UK)
WAWorld Almanac
WAWrong Answer
WAWorthy Advisor (International Order of the Rainbow for Girls)
WAWoody Allen
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Rather than opposition they have cultivated resistance and dialogue; rather than trenchant Brechtian agit-prop or Artaudian theatre of assault, they took a youthful, wiseacre approach to mainstream culture, often imitating or parodying it but never rejecting it wholly.
The self-deprecating yet at the same time wiseacre quality of this passage is typical of Goldkorn, and, indeed, many of Elkin's protagonists.
So you'd join the others in the queue, where, invariably, the gaze of your then youthful perambulating pensioner would be met by the tight-eyed squint of a wiseacre, heading for the library, a bundle of books swelling his bag.
The show's main force was Worcester performer Niki Luparelli, a robust blonde wiseacre sausaged into a bustier, drink perpetually in hand.
Mind you, Bronze Angel made the cut by only one, but you need a touch of luck and a following wind in a race of this size and severity that was once memorably described by this paper's old wiseacre Gerald Delamere as "the only nine-furlong sprint in the calendar".
Die Hard Disproving the old movie adage that "Bruce Willis + hair = terrible film", the wispily-follicled wiseacre redefined the action movie with this smart and sassy hijack flick in which his tough LA cop takes on a tower block of terrorist bad guys.
Patchen is a wiseacre, wary of fools, always ready to have a little more fun than the rest of us are having.
EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, when the question of where to get lunch comes up among friends, some wiseacre will chime in with an eye-roll-inducing suggestion, like, "Hey, let's try that new Icelandic-Cambodian fusion place.
After that, it's up to Leigh Ann and her family--lovingly tolerant husband Sean (Tim McGraw), lovely teen daughter Collins (Lily Collins) and wiseacre young son SJ (Jae Head)--to make sure Michael takes advantage of his good fortune and actually learns a few things from his teachers.
More on the way," said the wiseacre to anyone who was listening, while his fingers turned pink and the sky's grey deepened.
He used to live in Foley Road, Ward End, and Wiseacre Croft, Shirley.
Then, second wave, between 1966 and 1976, came Lawrance Thompson's 'standard' three-volume corrective to the sentimental view of the straw-behind-ear, whimsical wiseacre, cracker-barrel philosopher, whom he divergently presented as 'a selfish, egomaniacal, dour, cruel, and angry man.