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WISHWireless Intelligent Stream Handling
WISHWashington Intern Student Housing
WISHWomen in the Senate and House
WISHWeight Institute and Surgical Healthcare (Center; Washington)
WISHWork, Invest, Shop, and Home (global business initiative)
WISHWorkforce Innovative Solutions to Homelessness (Texas)
WISHWashington Invitational Scavenger Hunt (Make-A-Wish Foundation fund raising event)
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Now this question vexed them, for were he to return to his mother they should lose his music, so the Queen tilted her nose contemptuously and said, "Pooh, ask for a much bigger wish than that.
I do not wish to say dogmatically that the difference is irreducible; I think it highly probable that it is not.
Here are still three pills in the box, and each pill is good for a wish.
And she can wish me transported to Uncle Henry without losing the belt.
For some moments her voice was lost; but recovering herself, she added, and with greater calmness than before--"I am now perfectly satisfied, I wish for no change.
I wish we had any -- it would be somebody to go to.
Thank you, dear Annabella: I am better satisfied with things as they are, for my own part; and for you, I wish you were as well content with your intended as I am with mine,' said I; and it was true enough; for, though vexed at first at her unamiable spirit, her frankness touched me, and the contrast between our situations was such, that I could well afford to pity her and wish her well.
The sudden acquisition of ten thousand pounds was the most remarkable charm of the young lady to whom he was now rendering himself agreeable; but Elizabeth, less clear-sighted perhaps in this case than in Charlotte's, did not quarrel with him for his wish of independence.
If you mean to resist every wish I express, say so and defy me.
But I have wished, and still wish earnestly, my dear count, that my life should have that last
I will mention what I wish you to do as plainly and briefly as I can.
So he said to me: Socrates, do you wish really to persuade us, or only to seem to have persuaded us, that to be just is always better than to be unjust?