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WISTWomen in Science and Technology (various locations)
WISTWomen in Skilled Trades (Canada)
WISTWomen in Surgical Training (UK)
WISTWider Implications of Science and Technology (UK)
WISTWest Indies School of Theology (est. 1946; Trinidad & Tobago)
WISTWhat Is String Theory
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Recognising that the STEPS, WIST and LIFT programs had more similarities than differences, the university followed King's (2011) recommendation and combined these three programs as a single offering, incorporating any differences in structure or curriculum, from 2012 under the historical title of STEPS.
The WIST (Wilson & Felton, 2004) Elementary Version was used as the pre- and posttest assessment to measure reading progress in the specific skill areas of sound-symbol relationships and accuracy and automaticity of word reading.
"We're not going to agree on everything," Wist said.
Buyer advisor: O'Melveny & Myers LLP, Waselius & Wist , Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Presented in conjunction with an example of official discourse, Wist's personal statement appears as a "symptom of a social pathology that carries detachment beyond a justifiable limit" (Nichols 88).
Some strategies that teachers can use inside their classroom to promote effective reading skills are: DISSECT for decoding words, WIST for decoding words, FITS for remembering vocabulary words, LINCS for vocabulary learning, ASK IT for comprehension improvement, and RAP for recalling main ideas (Lebzelter & Nowacek, 1999).
Al kregen de Indische romans uit het fin de siecle van de literaire kritiek alle aandacht, in de Nederlandse literatuurgeschiedenis wist men er geen weg mee.
This destruction invokes a human response, and the lament soon turns to protest: In the midst of the houses, their house has been destroyed, in the midst of the houses wist ilbiyat bethum harban wist ilbiyut They will protest its destruction when the crowd passes by yisku ilharaba lamma iljamc yifut In the midst of their place, their house has been destroyed, in the midst of their place wist ilbakan ya bethum harban wist ilbakan They will protest to the crowd when it appears yisku iljamc lamma yitban (Lamenters Balabil and Aliya from al-c Aiyaiysa, qtd.
GG Jan Pieterszoon Coen benoemde hem meteen tot boekhouder, hoewel hij wist van Van Diemens verleden, en in 1624 al werd hij benoemd tot Raad van Indie, de hoogste functie na die van GG in Batavia.
The bulging seam problem is definitely owner created and such owner has to pay for a new tube assembly-while not ever forgetting to lock the inner tube within it via the long-practiced, highly complex and physically demanding I wist of the locking cap between thumb and forefinger.
But whether they swept, smoothly fleet, The long savannahs of the blue; Or whether, Thunder-driven, They clanged his chariot 'thwart a heaven, Plashy with flying lightnings round the spurn o' their feet: Fear wist not to evade as Love wist to pursue.
Despite the recent mega-expansion of the city, or perhaps because of it, the throbbing heart of literary Cairo continues to be Wist el balad (downtown, Khedival Cairo), with its many coffee shops, art galleries, bars, and smoking dens, many of which are represented in the texts included in the literary atlas.