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WDRWide Dynamic Range (cameras)
WDRWestdeutscher Rundfunk (German radio and TV station)
WDRWorld Development Report (World Bank)
WDRWaste Discharge Requirements (EPA)
WDRWorld Dialogue on Regulation
WDRWet Dress Rehearsal (spacecraft systems test)
WDRWith Due Respect
WDRWaldoboro (Amtrak station code; Waldoboro, ME)
WDRWind Direction
WDRWarburg Dillon Read (investment banking division of UBS)
WDRWind-Driven Rain (building engineering concern)
WDRWestern Development Region (Nepal)
WDRWisconsin Department of Revenue
WDRWaste Discharge Report
WDRWarranty Deficiency Report
WDRWell Drilling Rig
WDRWar Damage Report (Navy, WW II)
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References in classic literature ?
But he only bowed resignedly, with due respect to his wife's uncle, and observed that doubtless the works he mentioned had "served as a resource to a certain order of minds."
Bob had drawn out a dirty canvas bag, and would perhaps not have paused just then if Maggie had not entered the room and darted a look of surprise and curiosity at him, whereupon he pulled his red locks again with due respect. But the next moment the sense of the altered room came upon Maggie with a force that overpowered the thought of Bob's presence.
Decidedly it is worth something to be born in a certain sphere, with due respect to the lowly, who pretend that it is of very little advantage to them to be born lowly." The cortege continued to file on, and, with the king, the acclamations began to die away in the direction of the palace which, however, did not prevent our officer from being pushed about.
In his concluding address, RPO Hazara urged the participant to adopt a proactive approach and behave the citizen with due respect and courtesy.
I would not go into details about tasting dishes cooked by a Pakistani family - with due respect to them - as I view it as an insult to food.
SIR - At a time when its availability is almost limitless and in the almost complete absence of any reminder of the potential danger of consuming alcohol, which is a depressant drug of addition, it ill becomes the church to advance this trend in its attempt to attract more members and, with due respect to the Vicar of Pennal, I sincerely hope that the licensing justices concerned will not grant the parish the licence it seeks.
But the RFU has still not treated him with due respect. They'll find Johnson (below) a tougher proposition.
While he breeds or buys the animal, pays for transport, entry to the race and employs the trainer, he is not well rewarded financially, nor treated with due respect.
At the same time, we are under obligation to proclaim "the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27 RSV), and, with due respect, that may begin with wrestling with texts like this in their integrity.
With due respect to Imagine Canada as an important and influential voice, we feel that this proposal should have been presented in a more prominent way, so that a number of troublesome questions could be examined.
(2) Pope Paul VI said that responsible parenthood is exercised, either by the deliberate and generous decision to raise a numerous family, or by the decision, made for grave motives and with due respect for the moral law, to avoid for the time being, or even for an indeterminate period, a new birth)
While I certainly do not wish to denigrate James Madison, one of the truly great Americans, especially for his fathering of the United States Constitution, as pointed out in your outstanding article ("Father of the Constitution," July 1st issue), I must with due respect point out an error in that article.