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ANA was positive with a titre of 1:80 while Anti dsDNA and anti-Sma were negative and serum C3, C4 and CRP levels were within normal limits. Renal biopsy showed normal histology on the light microscopy and did not show any immune deposits on immunofluorescence study (Figure 2).
Systemic examination was within normal limits. On per abdominal examination the uterus was enlarged corresponding to 14 weeks' size and was slightly tender.
General physical examination was within normal limits. A formal neurological examination revealed no apparent abnormality.
Pregnancy status was within normal limits. She had not previously been diagnosed with any peripheral or central audiovestibular pathologies.
Patient is afebrile, with a temperature of 99.5[degrees]E and vital signs are within normal limits. On skin examination, there are serpiginous and annular confluent erythematous urticarial plaques with a central ecchymotic discoloration over the eyes, peripheral malar distribution, neck, chest, abdomen, back, buttock, extremities, hands, and feet.
KUWAIT - A Kuwaiti minister said the surfacing of dead fish over the past two weeks "is within normal limits because of change of temperature," in addition to human-caused pollution.
The patient's medical history was unremarkable, and her vital signs were within normal limits. The abdominal and vaginal examination revealed mild lower-right quadrant tenderness, and no significant vaginal bleeding was noted.
The white blood cell count and creatinine kinase level were within normal limits. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated inflammation of the gastrocnemius muscle concerning for myositis (Figure 1a).
Complete blood count and liver and renal function tests were totally within normal limits. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate was normal, and C-reactive protein was increased (16.2 mg/L; normal range: <5 mg/L).
Her serum C-reactive protein level and erythrocyte sedimentation rate were within normal limits (0.04 mg/dL and 8 mm at 1 hour, resp.).
All lab results were within normal limits except for the Depakote level, which was slightly low.
Pre-operative basic metabolic profile was within normal limits. His total white blood cell count was 4.5 thousand/mcL with a neutrophil count of 2.6 thousand/mcL and lymphocyte count of 1.3 thousand/mcL.