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WITSUniversity of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
WITSWriters in the Schools
WITSWeb Based Inventory Tracking and Point of Sale
WITSWorkshop on Information Technology and Systems
WITSWorkshop on Issues in the Theory of Security
WITSWorkshop on Information Technologies and Systems
WITSWashington Interagency Telecommunications System
WITSWashington State Court Interpreters and Translators Society
WITSWeb Interface for Telescience
WITSWatershed Information Technical System
WITSWellsite Information Transfer Specification
WITSWomen and Infant Transmission Study
WITSWisconsin Institute for Torah Study
WITSWireless Independent Target System (MILES Component)
WITSWorkshop on Internet Technology and Systems
WITSWadhwa Ingenious Training Services (India)
WITSWireless Information Transfer Systems
WITSWindermere Information Technology Systems
WITSWWMCCS Integrated Training Standards
WITSWorldwide Ionosphere Thermosphere Study
WITSWWMCCS Intelligent Terminal System
WITSWales Interpretation and Translation Service (UK)
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Wits appraisal was supposed to overcome the weaknesses of ANB, however, various studies have questioned the reliability of both the angle ANB and Wits appraisal.
This study was undertaken to know about the correlation of ANB and Wits value in a sample of Pakistani population reporting to Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Wits analysis was done by first drawing the functional occlusal plane and then taking perpendicular from bony point A and the bony point B to the occlusal plane.
Minimum value, mean value and maximum value was determined for age, ANB angle and Wits appraisal.
Pearson correlation coefficient along with bivariate analysis was done and it showed that the ANB and Wits were significantly correlated with each other with an r value of 0.