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WK1Worksheet (File Name Extension)
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"Testing the Meaning of Victory." New York Times, February 14, wk1.
TIMES, May 24, 2009, at WK1 (arguing that the recent expense abuses in the House of Commons are only the tip of the iceberg in the contemporary British Parliament and describing other problems, including in the legislative process).
(30.) James Andrew Lewis, as quoted in John Schwartz, "When Computers Attack," The New York Times, 24 June 2007, http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/ 24/weekinreview/24schwartz.html?pagewanted=print, WK1.
Sensitivity analysis results for N[O.sub.3] leached in 1992 The four most important variables for each phase are listed Soil phase [R.sup.2] PRCC 1st PRCC 2nd PRCC 3rd PRCC 4th wt0 72 ac1 carb1 aw2 -aw1 tm0 83 carb2 -aw2 dpth2 carb3 pr0 66 ksat3 carb1 dpth2 carb2 wk0 80 -aw1 dpth2 carb2 carb1 hf0 88 dpth1 dpth2 carb2 -aw1 te0 76 carb1 dpth2 -aw1 carb2 wt1 93 -dpth3 carb1 dpth1 carb2 tm1 83 carb3 carb2 -aw2 carb1 ph1 82 -dpth3 carb1 -aw1 ksat3 wk1 85 carb1 -aw1 carb2 -dpth3 hf1 89 dpth1 -dpth3 -aw1 carb1 te1 76 carb1 dpth2 -aw1 carb2 wt2 90 carb1 dpth2 carb2 -aw2 lm2 87 dpth1 carb1 carb3 -wp1 ey2 95 carbl dpth1 -aw1 carb2 wt3 95 dpth1 carb1 carb2 -wp1 lm3 95 dpth1 carb1 carb2 carb3 ey3 95 carb1 dpth1 -aw1 -ac1
7) that would compile a Lotus WK1 spreadsheet into a standalone package that would run by itself without any requirement for the user to have any spreadsheet installed.
A very valuable feature of this database is that it allows the downloading of data for further processing in tab-delimited and Lotus WK1 formats.
This disc contains the President's Budget Message, Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget, Summary and Historical Tables that show budget figures, and budget worksheets in WK1 format.
For example, WKS and WK1 represent two types of Lotus[R] software.
These include Excel, WKS, WK1, WK3, SYLK, dBASE II, III, and IV, tab delimited and fixed ASCII, as well as SPSS/PC + and SPSS Portable.
Surpass writes data to Lotus 1-2-3, release 2 format (WK1 files).
2010, at WK1 (explaining that the Senate was considering "a