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WONSWireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services
WONSWeeds of National Significance (Australia)
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Having received a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Eastern Illinois University, Wons brings a unique perspective to his corporate development work as both a CPA and an attorney.
A break of 53, and another of 28, took him to a 92-20 win over Lindley Liberal Club's James Scholefield as Police wons 4-0.
Martin Wons, export manager at meat company Kupfer, thinks playing down the Germanness of its products has brought it some success.
The real price (P) is the retail price of a pack of cigarettes including taxes in 1990 wons.
Korean Finance Minister Kim Jin Pyo says that the market opening will cause losses of 580 billion wons (about US$497 million) to the farming sector, but he says the government has approved a budget of 1.
In a season in which the Ducks have rid themselves of a bunch of "haven't dones" and "haven't wons," that's the next step of this march to destiny.
92) Second, by affirming Perlmutter (the first case to apply Saikewicz in Florida),(93) the Wons court accepted a decisive and limited view of the ethical integrity standard.
dissenting) (finding that the action of the legislature was within its constitutional authority and the court has no basis to interfere); Wons, 541 So.
With an investment of approximately 10 million Wons, Cheil Synthetic Textile plans to have the plant operational by early 1995.
Gebhardt say in their book Quality In Action (John Wiley & Wons Inc.
The first is the actual rate of devaluation of wons per U.