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It was the sole remaining thread of the ancient woof of a dawning culture which had been woven when Caprona was a fiery mount upon a great land-mass teeming with life.
Little I guessed how all the warp and woof of that man- world was entangled with alcohol.
Like a woof of jasper strands the corn unfolds, Field upon field beyond the quiet wolds; The late-blown rush flaunts in the dusk serene Her netted sash and slender skirt of green.
And you, in turn, - or so it seems to me, - leave out the biological factor, the very stuff out of which has been spun the fabric of all the arts, the warp and the woof of all human actions and achievements.
To accomplish the change was like a reflux of being, and this when the plasticity of youth was no longer his; when the fibre of him had become tough and knotty; when the warp and the woof of him had made of him an adamantine texture, harsh and unyielding; when the face of his spirit had become iron and all his instincts and axioms had crystallised into set rules, cautions, dislikes, and desires.
Hand-crafted from human grade ingredients including brewers wort and bone stock (made from organic Aberdeen Angus), Woof Dog Beer is non carbonated and alcohol-free.
A trailer for Woof Blaster can be viewed on YouTube and the game is available from Steam to buy for PS4.
Ex-soldier and JLR worker Fabian Jarrett has developed a computer game called Woof Blaster
Animal lovers Ilyse and Jason Schaefer are the franchise owners of Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Boynton Beach.
That's all I wanted to know but what was all that woof, woofing stuff about?
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Simply cut out this voucher to claim one free children's Whiskers or Woof chocolate bar.
Woof said: "We are both having a great season and the fact we are so close in the league makes Saturday's match a cracker - as big as any I've played in.